Life Hack Monday: de-clutter your kitchen with a breadbox!

July 2, 2018


Before commercially baked bread was readily available, many households had breadboxes to keep their bread and other baked goods fresh.


Breadboxes were usually metal, sometimes wood or pottery (then it was called a bread crock).  


  I was tired of looking at the pile of hot dog buns, bread and bagels on the shelf in my kitchen.  I stored these items in the microwave for a while but hated of taking them in and out.


Then it occurred to me to get a breadbox!  I LOVE my breadbox.  It has tidied up my kitchen nicely and the vibrant blue/green adds a nice 'pop' of color.  


It's so rewarding to find something that looks nice AND serves an important purpose = Life Hack!


Have a super week!  xoxo Katherine 

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