What's in YOUR wish box?

June 20, 2018


In February I wrote a post about wish boxes.  You can read it here. 


Since that time many of you have shared stories involving  your wish boxes.


Here are two I think you will find very powerful:


  • I lost my diamond necklace.  I knew it was somewhere in the house, but was tired when I took it off and didn't put it in its proper place.  I searched for hours in the obvious and not so obvious places.  Finally I gave up and put a simple note in my wish box - "help me find my diamond necklace please."  Within 15 minutes I found it - I wasn't even looking for it any longer and it was only inches from where I usually keep it!

  • I was recently diagnosed with a rare, difficult condition.  As I listened to my medical doctor describing the recommended treatment I knew I just couldn't do it, but lacked any knowledge or connections in the realm of alternative medical care.  I felt alone, scared and confused.  I put these feelings into a note for my wish box - "I am scared and confused.  Send help!"  The next day I had lunch with a friend that yet did not know about my diagnosis.  She went into a detailed description of her sister's condition and how she was just given a clean bill of health after exploring and engaging with a variety of alternative medical approaches.   Her sister had my same condition!  I felt so much hope and clarity I started crying before I could tell my friend what was going on.  Then we cried together and I felt such relief.   I feel like my wish box is God's mailbox!


Now I won't claim that a wish box is God's mail box, however I do believe that putting a desire in writing, sending it intention and a good dose of faith can work miracles.


So I ask: How will you use your wish box?  


Things to ponder on this Wonderful Wednesday!


xoxo Katherine  





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