Life Hack Monday: thoughts on dressing for dinner

June 11, 2018


I dress up for work.  I wear skirts, heels, dresses and even pantyhose!  Remember pantyhose?  


When I get home it all comes off - as soon as I walk in the door.  I put on what my husband calls 'the uniform' - sweat pants, stretched out sweatshirt and nasty yet comfy socks.  


Do you do something similar?  It is not only a comfort thing but a mental transition for me allowing me to move from work mode to home mode.


Last month I was talking with a friend from another culture.  She is always impeccably dressed, coiffed and made up - always.  We were talking about style, dressing up and my 'uniform'. 


She politely told me that in her culture, you show your respect for the other people in your midst by the way you visually present yourself.  In her culture it is considered inappropriate to dress 'down', as it is downright disrespectful.


This gave me a start - I had never thought of how I present myself as a matter of respect to the person I am meeting with.  I found myself really liking the idea and wanting to embrace it myself. 


That's why we dress up for church - to show our respect to God, not to compete with the other women in the pews.


Next time you dress for dinner, give some thought to what my friend said about how you present yourself being a matter of showing respect for others.  I know it has made me more thoughtful about what I put on and I feel very good about that!

xoxo Katherine 

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