Want to rock life? Do the next logical thing

May 30, 2018


Do the next logical thing - it sounds easy but it is not!


Real life example: for the next 10 weeks my son is traveling.   I have the privilege of going to his home daily to feed his fish and cat. 


Over the week-end the 5 gallon tank was murky and I noticed to my dismay that half of the fish were dead!  Bad mom moment!


As you know, we just moved and I had a to-do list three pages long.  As I contemplated how I was going to 'fish' the dead fish out of the tank I was torn.  Do I get on with my list of errands or do I drive 15 miles to the pet store with a water sample (since obviously something was wrong !!!)?  


I knew I had to do the next logical thing - the thing I least wanted to do.  So that's what I did, and I did it Consciously and with Conviction.


I found a container and collected a sample - went to the pet store - had it tested - bought solution - drove back to his place - treated the water - got on with my errands.  


Afterwards I felt satisfied and proud that I had indeed done the next logical thing.


My point is - the next logical thing is rarely the easiest thing, however it is the right thing, and if you are going to do it - do it Consciously and with Conviction!


So what is YOUR next logical thing?  Moment to moment this can change, rearranging your well-planned day.  But like me, not doing the next logical thing can cast a shadow over your other activities if you ignore it.


Balancing life is a beautiful art.  To notice and act on what needs to be done next is one of the little things that makes life go more smoothly and lends a sense of satisfaction and discipline.


As you go about your day today - I urge you to Do the Next Logical Thing, and make it a habit from today forward.


Happy Wednesday!  xoxo Katherine 



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