Farmstead Friday: turning mundane into magic

June 8, 2018


It has been three weeks since Mr. Fossler and I have made the farm our home.  This is a picture of what I see when I am in the rocking chair on the porch.


I can’t describe the delight I felt when the first turkey wandered near our house.  Or when the beautiful female deer watches me in the yard playing with the dogs every morning.  We have two enormous cottonwood trees – one on each side of the driveway.  If we are up at sunrise, we can watch a large raccoon climb out of the cottonwood on the left side of the driveway and waddle across the yard.  A few minutes later, his counterpart climbs out of her tree on the right side of the yard and waddle away after him.  Pure magic!


When we bought the farm I knew the kitchen did not have a dishwasher.  Funny how men like to use the worn out “ha – no dishwasher? Yes there’s a dishwasher (pause) it’s you!” haha not!


I swore it would not bother me.  I remember saying that washing dishes by hand would be ‘therapeutic’.  After getting frustrated with dirty dishes in the sink and ‘wasting’ time washing them, I decided to switch my paradigm. 


I chose to make doing the dishes a blessed sensory experience.  I fill the sink with warm soothing water and yummy smelling dish soap that softens my hands.  I gently place the dishes in the water one by one with a loving touch.  As I caress each glass, spoon and plate I pray.  I pray for friends, family, colleagues.  I pray for our community, country and world.  I pray for our leaders, strangers I crossed paths with and those experiencing sadness, loneliness, loss.  I pray for the animals, fish, fowl and all of Mother Nature.


I pray for wisdom, compassion, understanding…oh the dishes are done – already?  I was enjoying it so!


My challenge for you this week-end is this – what ‘mundane’ chore exists in your life that you can turn into a blessed sensory experience?  An experience that transcends just the physical so that you can get lost in the beauty of it. 






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