Life hack Monday : maximizing closet space

June 18, 2018


113 years ago people were much, much smaller!  As a woman that is 6' tall this is a fact that I am reminded of on a daily basis in my 113 year old farmhouse!


My size 10 feet do not fit square on the steps - I need to turn them diagonal so I do not slip down the stairs.  As I go into the basement I need to 'duck' so I don't hit my head.  In the shower (which is literally under the staircase) I can not stand totally upright. 


Do not get me wrong - I am still totally in love with our new home, however it is taking some adjustment on my part.  


That being said, the closets are HUGE!  There are not many closets, but the few we have are  ginormous.  So....I have had to learn a  whole new way of maximizing this magnificent closet space.  


I am going to share two of my favorite finds:

1) Soft closet shelves

2) Behind the door shoe tote


 The soft closet shelves are perfect for just about anything.  Right now one of mine has shoes in it and the other has sweaters and jeans.  It has allowed me to move from 'I don't have any space' to 'I love the possibilities I've discovered'.  Quite the  turn around!


Regarding the behind the door shoe tote I was skeptical.  I was worried it would mar the wood door and hang too far into the closet.  Not to worry - this little unit is awesome and it is so easy to find shoes in the morning for work!  Of course not all of my shoes fit in here, it only holds 12 pairs but the others are  neatly organized in boxes on the floor of my closet, and it has forced me to cycle my shoe collection which is good for my feet and my shoes!


Yes I am a much larger than women (and men!) 113 years ago and I"m good with that.  I just needed to customize my world around that reality. 


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Have a wonderful week my dears.


xoxo Katherine 



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