Life Hack Monday: 7 easy ways to ease stress and save money

May 14, 2018




When life gets chaotic we feel out of control, start to lose and forget things and be moan "there is not enough time!"  


Here are seven hacks to get you back on the path to sanity.  Try one every day starting today:


1) Keys: only carry the keys you use daily.  Take everything else off your key ring.  If you don't know what a key is for - throw it away!  Keep occasional use keys on a separate ring in a safe place


2) Credit cards: get rid of all but one credit card.  One statement, one bill = easy!  Multiple credit cards quickly create stress in your life and is hazardous to your wealth.  Begin today strategically moving towards only one credit card


3) Purse/briefcase: downsize and carry only the essentials.  Carry the smallest handbag possible otherwise it will fill up (magically!)  Another best practice is clean and organize your purse weekly


4) Jewelry: it takes a lot of energy to manage a large collection of jewelry.  Consider owning and wearing only one pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet and watch.  I know it seems radical, but it will dramatically simplify your life


5) Linens: only purchase white linens.  Everything will always match!  Brilliant!  They are often cheaper too


6) Mail: sort your mail immediately upon retrieving it from the postbox.  Toss junk mail into the trash before you get it into the house.  This is a magic move that will save you hours of stress and clutter a week


7) Voicemail: you are NOT on call!  You do not have to jump when your phone rings nor do you have to return voicemails you do not recognize.  YOU are in charge.  It is your phone, your schedule, your time - don't be controlled by strangers at a distance


We only have 24 hours a day - begin today to simplify your life and you will feel like you've somehow conjured up more time!


xoxo Katherine 

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