Today is my birthday...

May 11, 2018


Yes today really is my birthday!  I have always loved my birthday. 


Some years I have celebrated with family and friends.  Some years with my spouse.  Some years alone.  Regardless of whom was or was not with me, I celebrated, and the day was special with a touch of magic.


Birth is a miracle.  I believe that we are never-dying spirits that flit in and out of physical bodies at will, meaning I chose May 11th out of all the other 364 days available to be my birthday.  I also believe I chose the circumstances of my birth – parents, location, physical body, etc.


To me, death is equally miraculous.  It is when I will choose to move on to another adventure. 


Whoa!  Getting deep here.  Regardless of what you believe about birthdays, consider this:


My birthday, like your birthday, is not ‘just’ another day.  A birthday is NOT like all the rest.  It is THE DAY my subconscious, nonphysical self - decided was the most perfect day to start this journey on earth.  This thought still takes my breath away and I hope it gives you reason to pause as well.


Today is my birthday.  I will carry a secret smile with me all day, feeling so grateful and blessed that after so many years I am still living this life, loving the people (and animals!) in this life, and doing my best to be the change I want to see in this world.


Blessings.  Katherine

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