Farmstead Friday: getting personal


Today I am getting personal with you - I am sharing a peek into my personal life and exciting future plans!


I have provided my bio and background on the website, but beginning today I am sharing about my home.  Home is where we are most authentic, relaxed and vulnerable. 


Why am I doing this?  Because my family and I are starting on a new, grand adventure and I want you to be there from the very beginning!


It has been my dream to start a Farm Animal Sanctuary and Education Center.  This will be my legacy and my way of leaving the world a bit better place after I am gone!


It all started this week - this week we 'bought the farm' - literally!  My husband and I purchased a 21 acre farmstead.  The house was built in 1905, has a wrap around porch, beautiful hardwood floors and two staircases to get upstairs! 


We have some work to do on the house and will not be starting the non-profit Animal


Sanctuary  (Pleasant Pasture) until spring 2019, but every journey starts with just one step - and we took a BIG step this week toward our dream.


Three thoughts for you:

  • Your Home- how do you feel when you think of your home?  If it is not your private, sanctuary where you can be authentic, relaxed and vulnerable what do you need to do to make it that way?

  • Your Legacy-what are you passionate about and how can you leverage that passion to make the world a better place?

  • Taking Baby Steps- every journey does begin with just one step.  What can you do today to move towards your dream?  Don't get hung up on the big stuff, just take baby steps for now and the rest will come

Have a wonderful week-end!

xoxo Katherine 






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