Dancing with your day, moment by moment

April 25, 2018


Recently I learned a simple, powerful technique to stay in the present and foster a sense of acceptance with the moment by moment flow of my day. It allows me to stop resisting that which I cannot control and instead choose to experience the present to the fullest.


What is this mysterious technique?


Saying 'thank you' to God for whatever I am in the midst of experiencing.


For example, I am in the car and traffic stops. I know this will most likely cause me to be late to my meeting, but I choose to say 'thank you'. This reframes my thoughts, emotions and puts me in control. Or I am getting ready for work, go to the dryer to get my favorite blouse and it is soaking wet.  I say 'thank you' and go back to my closet for plan b. 


I know this sounds so simple, almost silly - but it has had a profound effect on the flow of my day.  It allows me to acknowledge the situation, observe it, accept it and be in control of myself all at once.  I hope you give this a try - dancing with life vs. resisting is an amazing experience.


xoxo Katherrine 

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