What is YOUR Vitamix?

April 23, 2018



(this is a parable - please read through to the end)

As a health minded individual I absolutely LOVE my daily morning protein shake.  It is an integral part of my day, and if I miss it I honestly get crabby! 

To accomplish this, I need a good blender, but I have had an issue finding one that could handle the daily workout.  I tried the "Magic Bullet" and the "Ninja".  They both lasted about a year and then just quit working.  I then tried a low quality, low cost blender – 6 months.


My daughter has a Vitamix.  She swears by her Vitamix.  It can:

  • make ice cream

  • make hot soup

  • grind effortlessly through anything you put in it

  • break my budget!!!!

 Finally I became frustrated, disappointed and crabby enough that I purchased a Vitamix.  I had wasted time and money with the less expensive models.  It is an amazing machine and I have never looked back.               The moral of my story is – what is YOUR Vitamix?  What are you cheaping out on in your life that is causing you inconvenience, wasted time, frustration or crabbiness?

What can you adjust that would bring more joy, happiness, ease to your life?   


You know what I’m talking about – now go do it!  Go get that Vitamix!


Xoxo Katherine

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