Harness the power of YOUR Kua Number

April 18, 2018



Recently I was introduced to the concept of Feng Shui Kua Numbers


Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of creating harmonious and healthy spaces. 


Feng Shui recognizes that each of us have unique energy requirements, and these need to be met in order for us to operate at our optimal level. 


This can be accomplished by arranging the spaces where we spend our time in - in certain ways.


In Feng Shui, all of the details of our physical space, including the specific location of objects in your home, their color and shape are carefully considered and specifically placed for optimal energetic results.


ach of us having a best or ‘lucky’ direction to face when at work and at home.  This direction is determined by our Kua Number.  


Knowing your Kua Number can help you make informed decisions when arranging furniture in your home, especially placement of your bed.   Calculate your unique number and read more here to determine quick and easy changes you can make to optimize your space!


It is so important for your home - the place you begin and end each day - to be a welcoming, safe and comfortable place to be.  If Feng Shui and Kua Numbers can enhance this, then I say let’s do it!


xoxo Katherine 

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