Life hack Monday: save money and your delicates with lingerie bags!

April 16, 2018


I love lingerie bags.  I have three different sizes.  I use them for safely machine washing pantyhose (yes I still wear pantyhose), bras, sweaters, blouses and swimsuits.


I know whatever I zip up in the little bags will be safe from becoming roughed up by the rest of the laundry.  


I also dry my items in the bags since it keeps them from getting stretched out or misshapen.


 Another handy use for lingerie bags is when you travel,  zip your panties into one, bras into another and socks in yet another.  It will keep your suitcase more organized.  

Or if I have a sweater that pulls easily I will pack it in a handy dandy bag as well.


NOTE: do not go cheap on lingerie bags.  You get what you pay for, and the kind with zipper tucks ensure nothing goes wrong or escapes!


I hate to go on and on, but as I mentioned - I love lingerie bags!


Have a super week.


xoxo Katherine 

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