April 11, 2018


"Make a practice of stopping every so often to simply be present to the present: what you see, what you smell, who is with you, how this moment feels physically and emotionally" 

Victoria Moran



I love this!  Be present to the present.  



Can you do it right now?  Of course you can, it only takes a moment:

  • Take a deep breath in, slowly exhale

  • Look around your surroundings - notice the color, texture, details, light, shadow

  • What scents are present? 

  • What living entities are in your space?  Plants, humans, animals...

  • Can you feel the air or your clothing touching your skin?  What about the chair or floor you are sitting on?  What do your feet feel?

  • Now go inside yourself - what are you feeling? Give your emotions a name (don't judge!)


That wasn't too hard now, was it? 

Pick a time every day when you commit to being present to the present.  I do it right before I eat lunch.  It helps me re-center myself mid day.


All we have is the present - we no longer have the past and we are not guaranteed the future.


xoxo Katherine 



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