Bulldog Friday : 4 reasons English Bulldogs are IRRESISTIBLE

April 13, 2018


Disclaimer about English Bulldogs: they do not have good manners.   They slobber after drinking water and drool when anticipating a treat.  They are notorious for passing gas in a very audible way.  Oh and they snore - loudly - pretty much every night.


But now the good stuff!


1) They attract attention. When you walk down the street with an English Bulldog heads will  turn as people stop to catch a glimpse of this powerfully built dog with the face that only a mother could love. Their characteristic swagger and their almost tragic expression are sure to win the hearts of even complete strangers


2) They love children. Despite their gruff appearance, most Bulldogs love children and are very patient with them. If you have kids a Bulldog is a great dog to have around, keeping a protective eye on your off spring


3) They are great guard dogs.   Although Bulldogs are no longer the aggressive bullfighters of 

yesterday, they are aware of their own strength and won’t hesitate to leap into action to protect their owners should the occasion call for it


4) They make you laugh. Bulldogs not only look a bit unusual, they’re also natural clowns. If you’re feeling a bit low after a long day at work, spending a few hours with a Bulldog will elevate your mood


Have a wonderful week-end and remember to love a dog!  xoxo Katherine




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