Life hack Monday: Epic Tool will keep you focused and productive all week

April 2, 2018


What is the epic organization tool I am referring to?  A white board of course! 

Every Saturday I update a 7 week white board that is displayed in a prominent place in our kitchen, ensuring everyone sees it many times a day.


This simple visual reminder has changed how my family approaches the week and beyond.  Every Sunday night we take 5 minutes to talk about what is coming up for each of us during the upcoming week.  This ensures all of us are cognizant of how we can support each other better and  be sensitive to changes in our regular weekly schedule. No one likes surprises and this practice minimizes surprises for all.


On one side of the white board we put important upcoming events with a countdown of how many days until they transpire. For example we are moving to a farm in New Richmond on April 30th, so there is a 29 day countdown, which reminds us we need to get packing, schedule movers, and most importantly - mentally prepare for this significant event. 


I believe mental forethought is 90% of preparation.  If you ponder and embrace upcoming changes and events everything in life will be easier and more enjoyable!  


Try it - buy a white board, make a calendar, update it weekly and go over it every Sunday - with yourself if you live alone, with others in your household if you don't. 


It will truly make your weeks (and life) go more smoothly, allow you to be mentally and emotionally ready for upcoming events/changes, which leads to peacefully living in the moment enjoying what is going on around you.  


Have a successful week!  xoxo Katherine 

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