Life hack Monday: Wish Boxes

March 19, 2018


If you could quickly, simply and magically accelerate your dreams into reality - would you?  


Wish Boxes are a powerful tool to get you there.  A Wish Box is simply a closed space where you put written desires for the future.  That's it. 


But they work, and here's how to do it:


1) Find or create a small, closed box to designate as your Wish Box

2) Pause for a moment, hold the box in your hand - ask the box to support you in bringing all that you put within it into reality

3) Thank the wish box and God for their support

4) Write your wishes on strips of paper and put in the box - make this a part of your weekly practice or whenever a new desire pops into your mind

5) Every time you pass by your Wish Box, send it love and energy

6) Watch the wishes manifest 

7) Every 3-4 months open the box and remove the fulfilled wishes.  Do this consciously, gratefully


This simple practice is very powerful. 

For other powerful practices to manifest your purpose see my posts on:


I am very passionate about inspiring you to be your best - to bring your unique gift to the world - that is why you are here - the world desperately needs you to manifest your unique gift and manifest it NOW. 


That is why I write to you - your legacy is significantly important.  Not just to you, but to every living thing on earth.


Have a wonderful week!

xoxo Katherine 

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