Life hack Monday: surviving the remainder of winter

March 5, 2018


The days are getting longer, but the cold and sometimes gray days persist.  It may be some time before we feel the breath of Spring.  This time of year I pull out some tricks that get me through and I want to share them with you.  


Light candles: the warmth of the flame, the scent of the wax, the dancing of the wick are enchanting.  If you have a fireplace - even better!  Gaze into the fire and merge with it - temporary, all encompassing warmth.  Enjoy!


Bake some treats: try a new recipe from Pinterest and fill your space with warm, inviting smells.  Take some of the bounty to friends or to work to share the love.


Organize your spring and summer clothes: the act of bringing these items out into the light, trying them on, checking for missing buttons or torn seams makes warm weather seem a little closer!


Have a gathering: even a small gathering with several friends will bring life and light into the cold days.  Try a theme gathering.  I just did a Vision Board event with a few friends - visioning our perfect futures then hunting through magazines for images that represent that future was a welcome relief from the mundane and was so much fun!  


Spring IS almost here, and every day until that time is an opportunity to grow, learn, connect and love!

xoxo Katherine


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