Let's do warm yoga!

February 28, 2018


Every Sunday night I take my space heater down to the office with my yoga mat.  I turn the space heater on high and let it run for 20 minutes.  Then I come back and spend an hour doing "ghetto hot yoga" as my son calls it.


Hot yoga at the studio is awesome, IF you are okay with other people's sweat making a lake that creeps under your own mat and doing poses next to someone who got drunk the night before and is 'detoxifying' (sweating profusely) next to you emitting disgusting fumes.


So I prefer warm yoga in my own home.  I do Bikram Yoga.  It is 26 poses held for about 30 seconds each pose.  You can do it regardless of your fitness level and the benefits are more internal than external.  These 26 methodical poses increase blood flow to every joint, muscle, organ and system in your body.  It stimulates your pituitary and endocrine systems, flushes your kidneys, brings healing to every joint.  In addition, this practice increases my patience, determination and is in a sense a 'moving meditation'.


Every week I do a little bit better and I have noticed a huge improvement in my balance and steadiness, a good thing as we head into midlife.  I like this yoga video.  It is about 50 minutes long.  Explore YouTube to find your Bikram practice and join me in doing warm  yoga.  It is the perfect time to start.


xoxo Katherine 

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