Life hack Monday CHALLENGE: Make your Bed

February 19, 2018


"There are a variety of basic disciplines that can help you feel efficient, organized and capable." Victoria Moran


Welcome to our first Life hack Monday CHALLENGE - making your bed - daily!


Why?  Because there are so many circumstances over which we have no control.  It is liberating and empowering to consciously take control of those we can easily do something about.  That is why making the bed every morning is such an important practice.  


Do it shortly after you get up - consider making it a ritual.  Stay present as you smooth the pillows and pull up the comforter, perhaps feeling how the bed still holds the warmth from your body. 


Honor the space that allows you rejuvenation and peace.  This practice can symbolize closure to the past 24 hours and the beginning of a fresh new day, full of opportunity and magic!


If you are home during the day just looking in your bedroom and seeing the made bed can give you a feeling of calm and accomplishment.  If you are away during the day, reflecting on the orderly bed can help you feel efficient, accomplished and successful.


It is so simple. so easy - so powerful.  That is why I CHALLENGE you to begin today -   the practice of making your bed a daily ritual contributing in a small way to Your Epic Life.


Happy Monday!

xoxo Katherine 



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