Bulldog Friday: meet Jimmy the Papillon!

February 16, 2018


So English Bulldogs are quirky, cuddly, funny-faced.  But my Papillon, Jimmy is a smarty pants!  

He is always within 5 feet of me no matter where I am in the house and at night he sleeps on the armrest of my recliner.   Sometimes he winks at me and it melts my heart!


Here is what the American Kennel Club has to say about his breed:  “the Papillon is a small, friendly, elegant toy dog with a fine boned structure. He is light and dainty, yet still lively, and is distinguished from other breeds by his beautiful, butterfly-like ears. They are known to be happy and alert little dogs that are not shy or aggressive. The breed must be either parti-color or white with patches of any color.” 


The Papillon was portrayed in portraits dating to the 16th century by artists that include Boucher, Van Dyke and Rembrandt.  The sweet little dogs are usually accompanied by their doting mistresses. The little spaniels were favorite companions of court ladies throughout Europe. Traders carried them in baskets on mules through France, Italy, and Spain.


Have a wonderful week-end, hug your pups!  xoxo Katherine 




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