Amazing Woman Wednesday: Tasia Ashton, Hudson WI

February 21, 2018


Recently I spent an afternoon in Tasia's salon chair,  getting my 'regrowth' touched up.  A natural multi-tasker,  I used the time to learn more about the fascinating owner of Two Redheads and a Wolf Salon.


Q: Tasia, why did you develop a line of products? 

A: For more impact.  I can only service a limited number of clients in a day, it is very intense, personal work.  With my product line, I can reach a far wider audience – worldwide actually, any time, not just when my schedule permits.  I can add value and impact more people in a positive manner.  I donate a portion of my proceeds in the form of soap, to 3rd world countries, and this increased reach means more profits, equaling more soap donated.


Q: What is your daily practice? 

A: I require 8 hours of sleep – I’ve tried to function on less but it just doesn’t work for me.  I never set an alarm, rather getting up when my body is ready.  Sunny, my two year old daughter and I spend the morning together.  We do silent meditation for 10 minutes every morning.  Then we go through our five senses, drawing our attention to our sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch and taste, causing us to live in the present moment.  Most mornings we do 15 minutes of activity, and then onto breakfast.  We LOVE breakfast!  Favorites are Ezekiel English muffins, bacon and eggs. 

While Sunny is eating breakfast I read a personal development or leadership book.  My favorite author is Thich Nha T Hanh, a Buddhist monk, mindfulness proponent and prolific author.  I am currently reading his 2008 best seller, The Art of Power - it is an incredible book!


Q: How do you stay calm, mindful in such a fast paced industry?

 A: I walk a lot in the studio – when I do, I consider it a ‘walking meditation’, being conscious of my breath, the floor beneath my feet – it keeps me in the present. 


Q: Tasia I know you an animal lover, what type of animals have you had and currently care for? 

A: We had 15 Shetland Sheep, which I wanted because of their fascinating markings and variety of colors.  When they have babies it’s always a surprise what they will look like – you never know what you’re going to get!  We also had 7 alpacas – not my favorite.  They are not friendly, not fun, high maintenance, kick, spit and need monthly worm shots.  We also had chickens for a while.  They were friendly, but pooped everywhere – yuck! 

We had a mini pig that like all mini pigs grew to over 100 pounds and now lives at another farm.  Currently we have 7 pygmy goats.  They maintain our grounds, do our landscaping!  We are planning to breed them this spring.


Here is a link to Tasia’s online store,  and if you use the code EPICLIFE (all caps) shipping is free!  Remember when you purchase, a portion is donated in the form of soap to those in need.


Thank you Tasia Aston!  

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