Life Hack Monday: all the pretty boxes!

January 29, 2018


I am determined to clear my clutter and thus, clear my mind, my energy - AND - make room for new wonderful surprises! 


I have made good progress.  It helps that we just moved into a new (albeit temporary) home and many items from the old house didn't make the cut.


When everything is put away in it's place  I can literally feel the power.  However that hardly ever happened until I discovered stylish boxes!  


All of the mail received during the week goes into a 'pretty box' until Saturday when I slug

 through it.  Dog toys go into a BIG 'pretty box' at the end of each night.  My husband's 'stuff' (keys, money clip, pocket knife, lip chap, etc. etc. etc.) = "pretty box" and all the odds and ends that cover my counters have their own 'pretty box'.


I keep a 'pretty box' at the top of the basement stairs where I put everything that needs to go downstairs until it's worth a trip.  


This seems so simple and obvious, that's why it's a Life Hack:  a shortcut for mundane tasks that either saves time, saves money, delivers amazing results or just makes you feel smart / happy!


Think of the unique and useful ways you can utilize 'pretty boxes' to organize your space at home, at work or in your vehicle.  It is more therapeutic than you think!


Happy organizing.  xoxo Katherine 




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