Bulldog Friday

January 26, 2018


Okay this is Gordon Setter Friday too.  I have been holding out - I have FIVE dogs and only TWO are Bulldogs.  So I will be introducing you to the rest of the pack beginning with Angus my 9 year old Gordon Setter.  


Angus LOVES to chew - voraciously!  Since I  can't stand the mess and smell of 'real' bones we get these amazing 'Artificial Femurs" that are super affordable, clean, healthy and the dogs find irresistible - strange but true.  


Angus is a gentle, loving spirit.  His favorite activity is sticking his head in the trash every chance he gets - even when we are standing right there next to it!  


Angus was originally brought into our household to be a bird hunting dog.  He was sent home from boarding school after two weeks for not paying attention.  The next week he brought home the neighbors chicken (it wasn't moving) - I guess he likes 'free style' hunting.


Angus also loves to ride in my husband's truck.  He jumps right in and sits up very straight in the passenger seat. 


Here is my son Julian and a lap full of Willy.  If you are feeling a bit of cabin fever as winter drags on, check out these : Exercises you can do with your dog.  Enjoy!  xoxo Katherine 

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