Stretching - the Amazing Benefits!

January 19, 2018



We all know how wonderful a good stretch can feel – ahhhhhhh - and the benefits of a daily stretching practice are truly amazing! 


Before you *sigh* thinking I’m asking you to add another thing to your day I want you to know it only takes FOUR minutes (check out this yoga stretch video) to experience these benefits:


Encourages an optimistic outlook – stress builds up in your body, and this tension can have a negative impact on your mind as well as your body. Stretching has powerful stress-busting abilities, and if you stretch soon after waking up it can help jump-start the mind and the body. Stretching loosens tight muscles and increases blood flow. It also encourages the release of endorphin's, providing a sense of tranquility and euphoria


Improves posture – Stretching helps ensure correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position. Stretching the muscles of the lower back, chest and shoulders can help keep the spine in better alignment and improve overall posture by relieving aches and pains. With reduced pain, there is a reduced desire to hunch or slouch


Increases flexibility – The most established and obvious benefit of stretching is improving flexibility and range of motion, which can improve your physical performance and reduce your risk of injury. By improving your range of motion, your body requires less energy to make the same movements and you also will have more flexible joints reducing the risk of injury


Increases stamina – Stretching loosens your muscles and tendons, relieving muscle fatigue and increasing blood flow. The longer you exercise the more energy you be burn, typically causing you to grow fatigued. With stretching, you can delay the onset of muscle fatigue by ensuring oxygen is efficiently flowing through your blood, thereby increasing your endurance


Promotes blood circulation – stretching increases blood flow to the muscles. Not only will this help reduce post-workout soreness and shorten recovery time, but it will improve overall health. Greater blood circulation helps promote cell growth and organ function. The heart rate will also lower since it doesn’t have to work as hard and blood pressure will become more even and consistent


Reduces cholesterol – Paired with a healthy diet, engaging in stretching exercises can help reduce cholesterol. This could prevent and even reverse the hardening of arteries, helping one avoid heart diseases (this benefit requires more than four minutes in the morning – more like 20 minutes)


Happy Stretching!  xoxo Katherine

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