Accomplishing goals and becoming the best person possible is not always easy

January 17, 2018



A boost is often needed to encourage us on our road to success. What better way to do this then with an affirmation phone app?


I’ve written affirmations in the past but never really was consistent in using them, until now.


About a month ago, a friend recommended the phone app called ‘ThinkUp’.


When I first began to use it, it had a calming effect on me.  After a few days though, I felt more resistance to the affirmations. I pushed through this and continued to listen to the affirmations daily.


After a couple of weeks, I noticed a difference. One change I noticed was more confidence. For example, I went to a birthday party where I only knew the birthday girl and one other person who was with her boyfriend. I felt a little uncomfortable but noticed that I was actually talking to people I didn’t know and making jokes. Normally, I would have been hiding in the corner someplace, waiting for the first opportunity to flee.


A couple of things I really like about this app. After picking from a list of affirmations, you record the affirmation in your own voice. The affirmation recorded in your own voice helps the subconscious to believe and internalize the affirmation. Adding my own affirmations allowed me to customize the app to my specific needs and situations.


The app comes with a choice of music and allows the user to upload their own music. The music plays in the background with the affirmations. Control of the volume of both the music and the affirmations is helpful in setting the app up for optimal use. Two payment options for the Premium Version are available, paying a small monthly fee or a flat unlimited rate. I chose the flat rate which was less than twenty dollars. This phone app is so convenient to listen to anywhere at any time.


I highly recommend this wonderful tool to assist you in achieving your goals for the New Year.

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About our author: Christine Canino is a wife, mother, and 3rd Order Carmelite.  Christine created Spirit of Catholic Success to facilitate growth in all areas of life: spirit, mind, and body. 


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