Life Hack Monday: Home Dry Cleaning Kit

January 15, 2018


Definition of Life Hack: a shortcut for mundane tasks that either saves time, saves money, delivers amazing results or just makes you feel smart / happy!


Our first feature is the Home Dry Cleaning Kit.  These little gems:

  • Cost less than $1 per item cleaned - much less expensive than dry cleaning

  • Are less damaging to the environment than traditional dry cleaning

  • So convenient!  It takes only 30 minutes to ‘dry clean’ a garment

  • Safe for most fabrics

  • Removes smoke and other odors

  • Works GREAT on sweaters that need freshened up but not washed yet

I have tried several brands and like Dryel the best for several reasons – the great smell, the  quality of the dry clean bag, the low cost and consistent results.


The starter kits cost around $10 and  will clean 16-24 items, depending on the size and weight of clothing.


Here's how to do it: begin by spot treating stains using the included solution and absorbent pads to prevent transfer of the stain to other areas of the garment. Place your garments into the resealable dryer bag with one of the moist towelettes that is treated with the dry cleaning solution. Then set dryer on medium to high heat for 30 minutes. That’s it!

  • Button and zip garments before cleaning 

  • Group similar fabric weights and colors together in the dryer bag ie: don’t mix heavy woolen sweaters with lightweight silk blouses

  • Clean out the lint filter of the dryer before beginning

  • To keep everything from being overly wrinkled, do not over stuff the cleaning bag – the clothes need room to move

  • Immediately hang or lay the garments flat when you remove them from the cleaning bag. They will be damp and need time to dry

  • Do not use for heavily beaded or sequined garments. The heat can damage the decorations

  • NEVER use on suede or any other leather garments. They don’t work as well as a professional cleaner on heavier grime and stains

Final recommendation: use them often for most of your knits and softly-tailored dry cleaning needs. Send your expensive items and crisply-tailored garments to a professional.









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