Living your life 'by design'

December 27, 2017


A life best lived is a life of design, and it is a fantastic skill to learn how to design your own future. 


Use your imagination…think back to when you were a child with dreams of your future….are you living everything you ever wanted for yourself?  If not, WHY not?  What could your life look like if you tapped into the dreams and desires you wanted for yourself…Could you love the life you live and live the life you love? 


A great process to get your juices flowing is to answer the following 3 questions:


1)     What experiences and objects do I seek to have in life?


2)     How would I like to grow as a person throughout the rest of my life?


3)     How do I see myself contributing to the betterment of the planet?


Allow yourself to really let go and write in a free-flowing manner whatever it is that comes from your heart and your soul.


If we as women do this type of deep dive soul-searching, imagine what we could create, who we could become, and how we could begin to shift and transform not only our lives, but the lives of our partners, our children, our communities, and the globe!


Seriously ladies, has there ever been a better time for each of us as women to DEFINE OUR PURPOSE? With what is being un-earthed right now in our collective culture around women and sexuality, have you ever felt more energized to get CLEAR on what you want, to step into your PERSONAL POWER, and to be the CHANGE that you want to see to the world?


The world desperately needs you to embrace your purpose and play your part.  More resources for accomplishing this includes journaling, reading inspiring stores of strong women and attending events where women gather such as  Define Your Purpose for 2018

happening on Sunday, January 14th.  


Thank you to today's guest blogger, Betsy Koepke.  


 Betsy Koepke:

Betsy is a Psychologist, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Wife, Mother of 2, Business Owner & Paradigm Shifter!  As an ambitious entrepreneur and an engaged mom, Betsy has secrets, strategies, and stories that will empower women to live with passion and purpose while maintaining balance in all areas of life.  Betsy specializes in inspiring and instructing women how to:


·        Identify and align their natural gifts and talents with their life purpose

·        Enjoy the art of taking risks as a way to step into their greatness

·        Create time and space in their lives to promote a sense of work/life/play balance    



Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Wisconsin‐Madison

Certificate of Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin‐Madison

Robbins Results International Trained Coach

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