Change IS possible, but it requires clarity and focus

December 18, 2017


Change IS possible – but it requires clarity and focus : choosing YOUR word for 2018.


The New Year is right around the corner – a fresh start, a blank page, endless possibilities and MAGIC!    


Every new year I choose a ‘word’ I want to embody in my experience for the year - my 'theme' for the year.  It has proven to be more powerful for me than making resolutions – to change you need clarity and focus - and this practice is beautifully simple.


The year I was dealing with divorce and custody issues my word was ‘unity’.  The year I took off between selling my business and returning to the workforce my word was ‘yes’ ie: say YES to life and adventure!


This year I have chosen ‘passion’ – I really like everything going on in my life and worked very diligently in 2017 to get where I am, so in 2018 I want to infuse what I already have with more passion!


Choosing a Word of the Year is a really fun way to set your intentions and theme for the New Year! 


To get you started try this: think of one to five words that really speak to how you want 2018 to look. Nouns, verbs, anything – just words that feel good to you. Don’t overthink it or get caught up in the grammar. Then write these words on post it notes and stick them where you will see them – bathroom mirror, computer screen, in your car, etc.  Soon you will know what YOUR word (or words!) are.  The last several years I also made free standing words like this one in the Amazon link - it made my commitment to my word more real to me.  Plus I chose a word for my son and gave it to him on New Year's Eve.  He loved it - score! 




 Here are some ideas to get you started:

Abundant / athletic / authentic / balanced / bliss / consistent / creative / depth / devout / enlightened / fit / forgiving / free / free-spirited / giving / gracious / grateful / happy / healthy / honest / journey / joyful / focused / loving / mindful / open / passion / peaceful / resilient sassy  savvy / sexy / playful / spiritual / smart / strong/ tenacious / truth / unstoppable / vibrant / whole / complete

This is not a complete list of words – just some inspiration to get you started on choosing YOUR word of the year!  Need more inspiration?  Click here.  


Final word of advice - trust your intuition on this one - you've got it!


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