"Flirt" your way to youthful, refreshed looking eyes!

December 13, 2017


This is the third and final eye exercise post.  Click here to see exercise #1 and here to see #2.  Many of you have reported minimized eye bags, tighter under eye skin and looking much less tired - good work!  Doing these three movements for 5 minutes a day WILL brighten, tighten and revitalize your eye area by increasing oxygen/blood flow to the area and firming the muscles.  


I also wanted to talk about cosmetic injections.  I think they are a nice option and something I have utilized myself.  Doing face exercises will maintain the basic muscle structure of your face, allowing fillers to be easily injected into the appropriate places and not look artificial.  My med-spa told me fillers last longer on my face because they are kept in place by toned muscles vs. flowing everywhere and anywhere.  Following a face exercise program has been a valuable investment for me and I hope you stick with it as well. 


I have workout series that will help you correct:

1) double chins

2) think, loose necks

3) flat and drooping cheeks 

4) plus provide movements for total firming, sculpting and lifting


Just reach out on my contact form for more information. Now let's work our faces with a move I call the 'flirt"



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