Feeling a bit off? STOP RIGHT NOW and do this...

December 8, 2017


It's the time of year we may be more vulnerable to illness because we are indoors more often, may be around sick people, and perhaps are vibrating at a higher level of stress and anxiety, trying to do more - faster!


Even with the best intentions and strongest will, we can fall prey to illness.  An average adult gets three colds per year, each lasting an average of nine days - yikes! 


You do NOT have to surrender – here is a step by step guide to your best plan of attack


Start drinking water or juice – see post on hydration to determine your intake needs



Gargle with salt water.  Add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. The salt draws out excess water in your throat’s tissues, reducing the inflammation, and clears mucous and irritants from the back of the throat.  The rinse also flushes out bacteria and viruses


Clean your nose. Use a saline nasal spray and consider a hot shower.  This will help clear nasal passages



Take a pain reliever like acetaminophen to combat the aches. Over-the-counter allergy medications like Zyrtec and Benadryl help with symptoms like a runny nose and watery eyes


To soothe your sore throat, take one to two tablespoons of honey straight up or in hot tea.  Many physicians recommend honey instead of cough syrup, and there also doesn’t seem to be conclusive proof on the effectiveness of zinc lozenges or sprays, so stick with the honey 



Clear your calendar and rest if at all possible. Your body can fight off the virus better if you’re well-rested. If you have to go to work, try to avoid co-workers since you are likely to be contagious and religiously wash your hands


Keep drinking plenty of water, juice, or tea


Move around a bit.  Light activity can actually improve symptoms.  Do this only if you are feeling up to it, and keep your heart rate below 100


When I don't feel 100% I always get cold and cannot warm up - if you can relate listen up! The fastest way I've found to warm up is a neck wrap.  I started using the Huggaroo Neck Wrap after trying several other microwavable pads.  This one does not smell bad and is designed to hit all the right places while staying in place.  I love it and have included the link so you can check out the reviews for yourself.   Highly recommend if you are sick of being cold even though you are wearing a lot of layers!


Last chance for germ-fighting! 

A healthy diet can help fuel the immune system, so choose a meal that includes protein-packed foods like rice, beans and nuts, with a whole-grain side like brown rice and plenty of antioxidant-rich vegetables 


Take a hot shower before bed if you’re still feeling stuffy. Then get a good night’s sleep.  You can wear your neck wrap to bed too if you'd like, or use a heating pad



If you feel worse or have a fever, start vomiting, or develop a bad headache, call your doctor—these may be signs you’ve got something other than the common cold (such as flu, strep throat or an infection), and you may need antiviral medication, antibiotics, or other treatment. Otherwise, keep up the routine for the next few days, just to be sure you kick that cold for good.


Hope you feel better soon!

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