Look more youthful and less tired with Face Exercise for eye bags #2

December 6, 2017


I hope you have been doing your eye bags exercise #1 since I posted last Wednesday, and you should be seeing some initial results.  If you missed it click this link. 


More tips:

  • When you tighten your eyelids and when you are holding the move, squeeze your tummy and bottom for extra 'umph'

  • Breathe calmly and evenly when working out your face

  • After completing a set of exercises, blow out strongly through your lips - this helps release toxins 

Last week I highly recommended you use Baebody Eye Gel in conjunction with the workouts to maximize results, and over 100 of you followed my advice - I appreciate you reporting back that it has worked for you too, and almost everyone has noticed brighter eyes, firmer under eye skin and diminished wrinkles - that makes me happy!


You asked for a cleanser recommendation for the eye area that also removes make up.  This is my favorite - it lasts forever making the upfront price less painful - it's gentle and leaves my whole face feeling clean and pampered.  




 Now here it is - Face Exercise #2 for eye bags.  Add it onto #1 and continue to do daily for up to 5 minutes.  You WILL see results.  Remember I create custom facial workouts based on your personal needs and have an entire series if you are finding value in this.  Let's chat about your specific concerns - reach out via my  contact form to get started.


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