To gray or not to gray....


An interview with Tasia Ashton, owner of Two Redheads and a Wolf,  a wonderful salon in Hudson, WI.


Q (Katherine): When do clients usually notice gray hair? 

A: (Tasia): It starts to bother them initially in their early 30s, although many start getting gray hair as early as their late teens.


Q: How do clients feel about their gray hair? 

A: They are upset and emotional about it.  They say “I’m getting old!”, and they express sadness and embarrassment.


Q: What steps do they take when they first decide to ‘deal’ with the gray? 

A: They either blend it in with blond foils or apply an all over base color. You can also do an all over WITH foils to optimize dimension.


Q: Can you explain the difference (in results) between these two approaches? 

A: Blond foils do not cover all of the gray, however they allow it to grow out nicely if desired and add more dimension to the hair.  When a client applies an all over base color they have two types to choose from: demi: which is less damaging to hair, looks more natural and gradually fades out – or – permanent: full coverage that does not fade.  Make sure you tell your stylist what you know about how your hair receives color – especially if it is resistant so they can take the necessary steps to ensure the results you want. 

When roots start to poke through in between salon visits, a temporary root color is a good option, and Style Edit Root Concealer is one of the best I have found.  It provides good coverage, lasts all day and stays where it is supposed to - not on your hands or nose or glasses!


Q: What can you tell us about caring for gray hair? 

A: The cuticle of the hair shaft changes with gray hair, creating a texture that is coarse, wiry.  I recommend color safe, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.  If you decide to embrace your gray hair, consider a purple shampoo and conditioner that will brighten hair and eliminate dingy yellow tones. 


 One client’s story from covering gray to embracing gray: my client had been doing a permanent all over color for many years.  At home she noticed that she was almost completely gray and when she came in for her next appointment we talked about transitioning to her natural color – what would that journey look like.  She was emotionally ready.  She was not embarrassed, not sad.  She was sick of the upkeep and did not feel she had to ‘prove herself’ or ‘impress anyone’ any longer.  We decided to apply a large amount of blonde foils, and tone the hair with a silver gray color.  We did the process again in 6 months, and after about a year she was all gray.  She described it in one word – LIBERATING!   


"Nothing surprises me. I'm a hairstylist." - Tasia Ashton


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Tasia Ashton:  At a very young age Tasia knew she wanted to be a business owner and entrepreneur. Ms. Ashton obtained her cosmetology license from the Aveda Institute in 2003 and moved to Atlanta, GA to work at one of the top salons in the country where she learned from some of the best in the industry. Returning to Minneapolis, Tasia and two partners opened up a salon/spa and six years of success later, she sold her ownership to pursue her love of building her hair & body care brand - Two Redheads and a Wolf. When it comes to hair, Ms. Ashton has the ability to communicate and understand what a guest wants/needs. She has superb "chair-side manner". She can duplicate a picture like no other. She is not afraid of any haircut or color. Her moto is that it is "her name" on your head - she will always make sure you are 100% happy. And if you aren't, you never have to be afraid to let her know. 


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