Look less tired and reduce under eye bags with face exercises - serious!

November 29, 2017


I know this sounds weird, but you can exercise your face - AND it works!   I've been doing face workouts for over 10 years - it is the most important thing I do for my appearance - and I believe I would look much much older if I did not exercise my face!  Here's why:


1) Facial exercise results in improved facial circulation.   When you do any exercise the muscles involved call for more blood, increasing circulation to the area.  Same for exercising your face.  The benefits of increased circulation in your face include  smoothing out skin tone, thickening the layers of the skin so skin is less crepe-y and toxins are carried away quickly for fewer breakouts and a rosy glow

2) Facial exercise results in toned face muscles allowing your face to retain it's youthful shape and fight the effects of gravity.  Your face skin is connected very closely to the muscle, so when you build a face muscle, it is very noticeable and positive results happen quickly after you start a face workout regime


I have read many face exercise books and followed several face exercise videos - through this I have curated the most effective movements, based on my personal experience and results, and have divided them by the most troublesome areas women experience:

  • Under Eye Bags

  • Sleepy Eyes 

  • Thick or Drooping Neck

  • Double Chin

  • Disappearing Cheeks

Today and  the next two Wednesdays I am sharing a different exercise for Eye Bags.  NOTE: please do not laugh at my video - remember I am doing this for you!  (even though I laughed my a** off viewing this!) you CANNOT.


Take before photos of your eye bags from front and side, then devote 5 minutes a day, every day until Christmas Eve to doing these exercises.  Please share your results with me on my Facebook page.  I swear by these and I challenge you to give it your best effort!


I also highly recommend  using Baebody Eye Gel in conjunction with the Eye Bag exercise program for maximum results.  I have tried hundreds of under eye products and this is my favorite.   It is soothing, tightening and I think it makes a huge difference when done along with the exercises.


If you like the idea of exercising your face to maximize youthful appearance and you want more - I have workout plans for other problem areas as well as a full face plan of attack, all reasonably priced.  Let me know what you're thinking by completing the contact form  on my website.


Now let's workout our faces!












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