Bulldog Friday - meet "Willy"

December 1, 2017


As you may have noticed, I LOVE my dogs.  Especially my English Bulldogs.  This is Willy, he is two and a half years old and as my husband says "that dog's not right".


In the photo above Willy has just graduated from his obedience level 1 class, a proud moment for both of us!  


In this video Willy is showing his single minded focus on a toy.    He is a very loud dog - passing gas, snoring, panting, breathing, eating - all of it is done in an enthusiastic, boisterous manner and as I said, loudly!  He is also a mommy's boy.  He is happiest when I am touching him and he can gaze into my eyes.


When he is not lovingly gazing into my eyes he is terrorizing the other four dogs.  He 'humps', chases, steals their toys, licks them and uses his full 75 pounds to push them around. You can see him use his body weight to get his way in the following video.


In this video Willy is "learning to share" with his Uncle Junior.  He reminds me of how it was to have a 2 year old human child - high energy, innocent naughtiness and deep, devoted love.  It is wonderful.  




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