Using the week-end to make your Monday (and entire week) easier

November 17, 2017


I know it's only Friday morning and you're excited about the week-end, but don't take this as a downer.  I am going to make some suggestions that you can easily follow during the next two days that will make a powerful impact on your upcoming Monday and the entire week.


Clear the clutter: go through your mail - paper and electronic.  Sort, delete and discard what you can


Put a timer on 45 for minutes and see how much straightening, cleaning you can do in the house in that amount of time.  Keep going if you want to - or not!


Financial: check the balances on your bank accounts and credit cards.  Schedule transfers and payments.  If it's the end of a quarter, check on how your investments are performing.  If you need to get in touch with a banker, investment adviser, credit card company, put a reminder in your calendar for next week


Supplies: clean out the refrigerator and make a list of what you need.  Create a meal plan based on when you will be eating at home or bringing a lunch and add items to your grocery list.  Then go to the grocery store.  If you absolutely hate the grocery store, consider options like delivery or ordering online


Plan ahead: review your calendar for appointments or plans coming up in the next week.  Note any needed preparation, such as outfits to be washed, gifts to be wrapped, or food to be prepared


Plan your outfits: living in Wisconsin, I like to check the weather for the week then select a few outfits that I put in a special place in my closet so they are ready to go.  I also pack my gym bag and put it in my car complete with water and protein shake


Incorporate motivation: include something in your week to look forward to.  Can you fit in coffee with a friend, time to work on a project, commit to finishing a good book?  Having something to look forward to helps the week go by faster and enriches your life


Clean it out!: your purse, your work bag, your vehicle.  Doing so also cleans your mind and subconsciously you begin to prepare for Monday in a positive manner


Reflect: write down what went well the past week and what you want to improve in the coming week.  Celebrate the good things!


Incorporating even just a few of these practices will make Monday less daunting!



















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