Can we talk about (nasal hair?)

November 8, 2017

A few days ago I urged you  to Decide You Are Beautiful, and promised advice on how to make that easier.   Excellent personal grooming is very important to maintain your feeling of beauty, and visible nasal hair can instantly make you feel unattractive.  Unfortunately nasal hair is something that seems to magically begin growing around midlife.


I like the analogy offered by Daily Dose:  nasal"hair will unfurl like a puma unfolding itself from a rocky ledge to go in search of prey."  


NOT attractive and requires checking and trimming at least weekly.  However nasal hair does of course have a purpose,  including filtering foreign particles from entering the nasal cavity and collecting moisture.  If you have seasonal allergies or asthma, it is important to keep in mind that  nasal hair density plays an important role in filtering out pollen and other allergens, so if this is the case for you, proceed accordingly.  

The best way I have found to painlessly and quickly trim the little offenders is a battery operated rotary razor.  I was afraid to use it at first but now it's one of my favorite grooming tools!  You can use a small scissors, but be careful, noses bleed very easily.  Do not pull them out


 - this leaves an opening in your nose that can get infected and easily transform into a blood infection.  More from Dr. Oz on this potential problem.


Support your decision to be Beautiful with regular nasal hair patrol.


When researching for this post I became aware of Nose Hair Extensions - yikes!  So this is a link to more info on that if you want.  

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