Make life instantly easier - decide you are beautiful

November 4, 2017


Life is so much easier if you just decide you're beautiful right now - as you areThe funny thing is other people will believe it too!



I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, only skin deep and it doesn't matter to those that love us what we look like. 


BUT  it is a well researched fact that hiring managers favor good-looking candidates, supervisors favor attractive employees and when children are asked to pick 'strangers' from a line-up,  they choose the less attractive people for that ominous distinction!


Yes great looking people have an undeniable advantage and my response?  Decide you're great looking - right now - do it!  I'm not being sarcastic.  Yes there are a few exceptions, but no matter your age or your body type you can do this.


Your quirks and imperfections are part of your allure.  Society's standards and definition of beauty are fickle and always changing, so discover and celebrate your unique brand of beauty.  


In future posts we will cover supporting topics such as confidence / grooming / finding your style and more, but for today - right now, I challenge you to Decide You ARE Beautiful!

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