Why this blog and a bit about me

When I turned 50 I  found myself in uncharted territory - feeling   uncertain about the future - what happens in midlife and who is making the rules? 


Yet at the same time, I felt as if I were on the verge of something big and exciting - finally being able to discover and live my passionate purpose!  Midlife held a freedom, a promise of new beginnings

ie: My 2nd act! 

I searched for  an online community of like minded women to support me in my 2nd act.  I came up empty, and that's why I have created this blog.  


Much of this content is the pure wisdom I gleaned as owner of Lady Katherine, a women's fitness/wellness studio.  I had the privilege of serving thousands of women from across North America, coming alongside them as they struggled with accepting themselves, making peace with their bodies and souls, and finally - defining their Epic Life while making real progress leaning into that vision.


Personally, I currently own several businesses and teach at my local University.  I am happily married, have 3 grown children and 5 dogs (yes FIVE DOGS) that will make guest appearances here - simply to make you smile!        


xoxo Katherine 

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